Skjal handles translations into and from most languages, whether marketing material, technical texts, business material or other. We have access to a large pool of translators with different levels of experience and backgrounds and can offer both general translation services and certified translations.


At Skjal, we prioritise accurate proofreading and consistency within texts. In addition to correcting grammatical errors and typos, our proofreaders keep an eye out for consistency within the text, tighten up unclear sentence structures and remedy stylistic inconsistencies.


Skjal provides a range of copywriting and editing services, in both Icelandic and other languages. In creating a well-structured text, the copywriters of Skjal focus on writing concise, accessible and readable texts that appeal directly to the target audience each time, using, among other things, search engine optimisation (SEO) if requested.

Skjal Translations is open between 09:00 and 16:00 (UTC/GMT), Monday to Friday.
Tel.: +354 530 7300

About us

Skjal is a dynamic translation company with extensive experience in translations, proofreading and copywriting for public bodies, companies and private persons. We focus on being obliging and flexible in all relations with customers and endeavour to carry out all our work in accordance with their requirements and wishes.

Skjal operates in accordance with recognised procedures and quality standards and collaborates with numerous translation agencies and sub-contractors globally.

All enquiries may be sent to the e-mail, and our staff will seek to respond as quickly as possible. All material is treated as confidential.

Snorri Þórisson
General Manager
Hanna Lóa Skúladóttir
Office Manager
Jóna Sigurbjörg Eðvaldsdóttir
Senior Project Manager
Arnór Hauksson
Translator and Proofreader
Hera Garðarsdóttir

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